We evaluate your property

We start all the commercial procedures to let your apartment as fast as possible.

With your agreement and a power of attorney we carry out the following procedures:

  • Setting the rental price to be communicated to prospective tenants
  • Determining the rent to be entered into the rental contract
  • Deciding on the specific clauses to be included in the rental contract
  • Signing the rental contract
  • Arranging for the tenancy deposit (including, if necessary, its collection on behalf of the landlord)
  • Releasing the tenancy deposit
  • Arranging the whole property valuation (including appointing an expert, representing the landlord during visits by the expert and signature of the reports made by the latter)
  • Pening of the electricity meters and signature of the documents regarding this opening (including the selection of an electricity supplier)
  • Signing the transfer documents for the electricity and water meters
  • Ordering a furniture package
  • Arranging for the cleaning of the apartment by a company chosen by Capital Rent
  • Ordering a technical service at the expense of the landlord without written agreement for a sum equal or inferior to €300 excl. VAT
  • Opening a rental file.


En cas de location du Bien, les honoraires à charge du Propriétaire sont fixés de la manière suivante :

Période de la location Honoraires HTVA
≤ 30 mois (Loyer mensuel/12) X période location (mois)
> 30 mois Loyer mensuel X 2,5

Exemple :


Location 12 mois  Loyer mensuel= 1000€


(1000€/12) X 12 = 1000€

Location 18 mois Loyer mensuel = 1000€ (1000/12) x 18= 1500€
Location 36 mois Loyer mensuel = 1000€ 1000 x 2,5= 2500€

Cette rémunération sera majorée de la TVA applicable (actuellement 21 %)