Amanda Vazquez

Executive Director

+32(0) 497 45 89 71

“Our core values are: Commitment to Integrity; Genuine Kindness and Caring; A Focus on Constant Improvement.”

Pieter Hansen

Executive Director

+32(0) 477 69 76 19

We are convinced that the best decisions are taken when you listen to your customers’ needs, when you analyze the market carefully and when you consider other perspectives.

Redouane Mimoun

Sales Executive

+32 (0) 477 07 13 39

“Our success is provide open, and honest feedback from our product”

Kab Tsilombo

Sales Executive

+32 (0) 488 23 63 56

“What I like most in my job is providing distinctive apartment living experiences and contributing to the vitality of local communities”


Arnold Rudasingwa


+32 (0) 487 64 60 25

“Anytime we can help someone and give them something of value, it makes it easier to do our job”