Capital Home

Capital Home is a sister company of Capital Construct and Capital Rent which all together create an unique combination of service aiming at responding to the most demanding private owners and investors on the real estate markets.

Capital Home was founded in order to respond to a prominent market niche, where owners and investor are looking for good quality apartments in a premium location in Brussels but still relatively newly built, therefore more trustworthy and safer when it comes to their further maintenance.

 What is Capital Home offering then precisely?

  • good quality apartments, designed in a stylish and functional way
  • available only in recently built projects
  • sold already build and tested by first locators
  • perfectly suitable for private owners as well as investors
  • top location in Uccle, Audergem, Woluwe Saint Lambert, Ixelles and European Quarters
  • supplementary services as renovation, furnishing, renting etc. ( more details on Capital Rent)